I absolutely love New Orleans architecture. However, as cute as it is, these houses were not built in the time of wheelchairs and walkers as a way to get around. The American Disabilities Act has set guidelines and standards for people with disabilities to access their homes. One of my favorite projects during the DPT program at Texas Tech University was to perform a home evaluation on my house while pretending to be someone who was wheelchair bound.

Talk about a humbling experience when I rented a wheelchair and tried to get around. Then add on side effects such as cognitive deficits, neuropathy, and just plain old fatigue! All of the sudden those stairs to get in and out of the house look like Mount Everest.

It is my mission to use my resources, with the help of the community, to ensure every person has access to their home.

A home evaluation from Geaux Fight Physical Therapy offers a unique and personal experience for whatever the situation warrants. It is a collaborative effort utilizing the input of the person in need, with the help of their family or caregiver if applicable, and qualified professionals within the community to improve the functionality of the living environment.

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