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Core Values of Geaux Fight

The first and foremost responsibility is to patients. This can be a cancer survivor, a loved one, or someone who seeks the help of physical therapy services. Improving function and quality of life of each patient is the top priority.

It is the fiduciary responsibility to provide services that promote optimal health and well-being while minimizing healthcare dollars spent.

Geaux Fight Physical Therapy is responsible for serving the community. This includes both patients and organizations bound by the common agenda to fight cancer. Geaux Fight Physical Therapy will recruit the help of local organizations along the North and South shores, as well as larger organizations well known in the world.

Lastly, there is a strong responsibility to the American Physical Therapy Association. Geaux Fight Physical Therapy will provide research opportunities in the field of exercise oncology. This organization works hard to stay abreast of current research principles and allow all other responsibilities to be met.